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Why defend Holiday Rental?

The renting of a private home to a tourist, in itself represents the free exercise of any persons right to rent out their property. We are of the understanding that tourism belongs to all of us, not just a few. In addition, these rentals have been a deeply rooted activity in the Canaries since memory can recall. In some cases they were the precursor of the later arrival of resorts in the area and both models coexisted without much problem.

Holiday Rentals host a type of tourism that simply prefers a private home to spend their vacation rather than the more traditional models (hotels, tourist apartments, resorts) likely to offer a more “packaged” experience that is not to their liking. With this, thousands of property owners were able to attract with huge success and effort another type of tourism with different preferences and at the same time revitalizing numerous rural areas and even tourist areas full of hotel complexes by drawing in a different type of tourist whose level of spending in the local economy does not even come close. Aside from airfare, 100% of spending related to Holiday Rental tourism stays in the Canary Islands.

Why an association like ASCAV?

The association ASCAV was founded to end the injustice of outlawing Holiday Rentals in the Canary Islands and downgrading the important impact of this activity as part of the tourist offer. Along with that, the firm objective to gain the recognition that this type of accommodation deserves for the obvious economic benefits that have been achieved for many years to the islands as a whole and especially to its families.
At the same time, one cannot ignore the ever growing interest of tourists who come to the Canaries because they are able to stay in private homes here and prefer to do so, regardless of the area in which they are located, whether touristic, rural or residential because, let's not forget that in the eyes of our tourists, "Everything is touristic".
And, these Homes cannot be registered for regulation under changing ordination criteria or land use but rather simply for its designation as "dwelling".

The Urban Rental Law (LAU) modification in 2013 by the Central State did nothing more than to urge the autonomous community to regulate with the singular measure: to be a "dwelling" in the legal sense, understanding that this must be the common denominator that the Government must use to regulate your rental when the purpose is for Holiday Rentals.
Let's listen to the tourists and really hear what they have to say. We cannot obligate them to stay where they do not wish to and "force feed" them services that they could care less about.
Diversifying the offer not only benefits the destination, but we all benefit. We can never lose sight of the responsibility that comes with the international recognition of our islands.

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