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Defend your future. Defend our future. Why become a member?

Without a doubt the disappointment suffered by the islands' society, largely linked directly or indirectly to Holiday Rentals, has been tremendous after learning the details of Decree 113/2015 because it glaringly excludes almost 90% of the current inventory that has been devoted to this activity.

However, we should not forget the enormous effort made to get to where we are today. We cannot give up.

We are entering a crucial new phase that will mark your future, whether you are an owner, intermediary, realtor or even end user.
It is unacceptable that history repeats itself as when lobbyists promoted Decree 142/2010 that year to exclude Holiday Rentals in the Canary tourism legislation when it has been a reality for 30 years.

This happened because powerful associations politically pressured and advocated to keep us out and divvy up the Tourism business exclusively between them, when in fact it belongs to all of us in the Canaries and is subject to the free market and competition law.

Why become a member?

ASCAV needs clout to participate in the tourism planning negotiations that the Government of the Canary Islands carries out and to sit as equals with the other industry associations (Hoteliers, Extra-Hotel, etc) asserting Holiday Rentals as an accommodation model that has always and always will exist.

It is therefore important that you join our association because together we are stronger. With members from the seven islands we can sufficiently represent all affected and are able to defend our common interest. There is strength in numbers. It is that simple.

If you want to know more about our association, visit our browse this site to learn more about our Statutes, Ideology or Arguments and read through the documents available in our virtual Library.

The membership fee is only 10 Euros per month, in quarterly installments of 30 Euros. Keep in mind that membership is completely private and confidential.

Do not wait, there are no more excuses. BECOME A MEMBER TODAY and convince others that you know in your situation, to join as well.

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